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According to studies most viewers take less than three seconds to scan a full web-page that forms their first impressions and the next thing they focus on is your logo. A logo is the cornerstone of your branding. Once you have established your logo it encompasses your identity and marketing campaigns, business cards and creates the first impressions of how the viewer will respond.

With the emergence of online marketing such as Email Marketing or Social Media, identifying your logo is of primary importance as it is immediately associated with your business.

If you are considering a revamp of an existing logo or a creation of a new one give me a call and I would be pleased to discuss or help your endeavors.

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  • Boum Strategies
  • Capital Printing
  • Daniel Jean Baptiste
  • Donna Andrew Associates
  • Research Industries
  • Yoga
  • Deluxe Cafe
  • rentawifelogo
  • EastWing